Maria Goretti home

El hogar de María Goretti

Our  Mother Mari of Albert, responsible of the mission of the Franciscan Missionary Sisters of Mary in Senegal has open eyes and a big heart.
To work with the CISS Abad, Maria Goretti created this home, a place of accommodation and  training for adolescent girls coming from the field work to help their families.

Maria Goretti home has also evolved according to the arising needs.
It is offering classes for illiterate women and for girls who have the level of CM2 to 4th of secondary.
The girls receive a real training, alternating a week of classes, a technical week in Pouponnière  and one week of practical work.
These classes  get helped from generous volunteers in their commitment.

Due to the increasing demands of work, from a few years ago the Home look forward to provide more and better training to these young people, and proposes a more important formation, adapted to family rules.
currently the girls are educated in the following areas:

The home is primarily a house of the human, social and spiritual formation.

It has the capacity to accommodate 50 girls, although there are usually between 46 and 48 youths.


Two nuns

To keep these home and help these babies WE NEED YOUR HELP AND COLLABORATION to pay staff, maintain the house (water, electricity, gas), food for babies, pharmaceuticals and other necessary expenses.


Phone (221) 77 506 02 34
B.P. 28466 Médina Dakar
Dakar – Senegal
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If you want help please call

Phone (221) 77 506 02 34
B.P. 28466 Médina Dakar
Dakar – Senegal

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