Presentation of the Sisters

Madre María de la PasiónThe congregation of the Franciscan Missionary Sisters of Mary was founded by the Blessed Mother Mary of the Passion.
It is an international congregation dedicated to the universal mission.
Franciscan Sisters are shipped mainly to whom Christ has not been unveiled, and among those whom the Church is less present.
They are currently in:
America, Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe

The Mission of the Franciscan Missionary Sisters of Mary in Senegal

The first group of Sisters arrived in Dakar in March 1948, called to serve the patients of the Main Hospital.

In January 1949, at the request of the Muslim religious leader in Dakar, Serigne El Hadj Seydou Nourou Tall, a second group of Sisters was included in African Central Hospital, today called Aristide Le Dantec Hospital and CHU.

At the beginning they assisted in the surgery and then began their service in the area of pediatrics.

In the last sector is receiving a large number of young children, often malnourished, with a large list of diseases which found the ground for development in these states.

To keep these home and help these babies WE NEED YOUR HELP AND COLLABORATION to pay staff, maintain the house (water, electricity, gas), food for babies, pharmaceuticals and other necessary expenses.


Phone (221) 77 506 02 34
B.P. 28466 Médina Dakar
Dakar – Senegal
They are currently present in America
  • America
  • Africa
  • Asia
  • Australia
  • Europe

If you want help please call

Phone (221) 77 506 02 34
B.P. 28466 Médina Dakar
Dakar – Senegal

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